FlashBuilder – How to Instantly Refresh your SWC’s

SWC files are a necessary part of using Flash Builder. They allow you to access library items from an FLA or pre-packaged classes without having to load external assets, and as a bonus they show up in the auto-complete pop-up. To use them from an FLA, you’ll need to set the publish settings to Export SWC, and then in your Flash Builder project right click your project and add that SWC in your project settings.

The annoying thing about SWC’s is that when you make changes to them and re-publish your file, those changes will not necessarily show upĀ  in Flash Builder right away. Even if you right click your project and hit “refresh”, for some reason the program does not also refresh your SWC. The timing may appear random, but there is a way to force Flash Builder to grab your most recent SWC instantly.

And here’s how: simply make a new variable with a colon (ie var blah:). As soon as Flash Builder’s auto-complete options show up with a list of classes, it’ll have updated everything. There’s no need to import anything or keep the variable — creating the auto-complete pop up is all it takes.

Simple… and effective!

8 Responses to “FlashBuilder – How to Instantly Refresh your SWC’s”

  1. Thomas Colliers says:

    Thanks for this tip! :)

  2. .blue says:

    That actually work :) And I’ve wasted a lot of time looking for a refresh method. Thanks!

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks so much for this tip. SWCs in FB are a really great way of doing dev.

  4. David says:

    Glad to help! Whenever I find something bizarre I try to make a post so other people won’t have to deal with it :)

  5. Gary says:

    a) FB doesn’t do it automatically and
    b) it’s such a simple fix
    Saved me hours of anguish

  6. Yang says:

    damn,even now with flash builder4.7 they still got this issue. Thanks for your help! It works good.

  7. Chris says:

    Awesome! The refresh problem always p*ssed me off like you wouldn’t believe.

  8. Lil Jimmy says:

    Aww. I tried this but my swc is still not updating in flash builder : (

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