OSX Audacity LAME Library and Flash don’t get along.

The LAME Library 3.98.2 does a tricky thing when you import an encoded MP3 into Flash. It works for just about everything EXCEPT when you want to seek to a specific time. This can be off anywhere from a few milliseconds to a few seconds. It’s horribly annoying. I nearly jumped out of a window before trying to see if encoding had been the problem the whole time.

#Edit: I’ve recently discovered the reason why this happens. Apparently when you compress an mp3 using Audacity at a bitrate lower than 128 kbps the frequency is set at something unusual. Flash gets along with 44.1 hz and 22.05 hz but if you hand it something funny it responds… funny.

That is all. Avoid smashing your head into walls and use a different encoding if this happens to you.

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